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Video Brochures

Creating that Wow factor with every product!

Creating memorable video brochures that make the difference
with every brand. The supper bright and thin LCD screens that we fuse into
any kind of printed products guarantee a huge ROI.

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Video Brochures of All Sizes.

Different Size Screens Available.

Multi-Sensory Video Books

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Longer Battery Life With All Our Products.


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Video Brochures , Digital & Offset and Large Format Printing Solutions  made easy for your business. We help you choose digital or offset printing to create high quality business cards, stationary, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, and flyers at a reduced cost! Our state of the art equipment enables us to provide you with outstanding print quality and quick turnaround times. Choose from a wide variety of finishing options when it comes to your printed products. We always try to find a way to get things done faster, with the highest quality possible.  Make unique, eye-catching products with Manduck Media today!

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Video Brochures

Video Brochure “demands” viewer attention and participation. Nothing else showcases your product or service like the impact and credibility of video. Numerous memory tests show that people remember less than 28% of what they have heard, but retain over 80% of what they have heard and seen. If the material is interesting to the viewer, retention can reach levels of 90%!

Printing Services

Our excellent customer service and high-quality printing makes us the most reliable printing partner for all your printing needs. We have over 24 years of Offset Printing, Digital Printing and Large Format Printing experience and have worked with small and large projects.  Give us a call anytime, even on the weekend, and you will feel the difference.

Direct Mail

Organizing the mailing of brochures, catalogues, and other business-related materials to your customers can be a burden. Without the proper experience, a smooth operation can be problematic. Fortunately, Manduck Media can handle these tasks on your behalf with our direct mailing and fulfillment services.  We love saving you money on postage!

Video gives your product or service the prestigious showcase it deserves. Prospects are impressed by this super sales tool and respond to it. Video marketing is the most “state of the art” form of marketing available in the business world today.

When your prospective client watches your video presentation, he will be more attentive, more receptive, and he will remember it. Studies have shown that 75% of the executives who receive video brochures take them home to watch them in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. They often share the video brochure with other family members and friends or colleagues. Reading a standard brochure can be tedious, but watching a video screen is easy and engaging. A video brochure presentation does not compete with the mountains of paperwork that must be dug through every day. It creates a new and enjoyable opportunity.

Increasingly, companies are using videos as an integral part of their sales program because seeing really is believing and believing means more sales.

  • video brochure guarantees that your sales presentation remains fresh, covers all the points, and maintains its enthusiasm each time it is presented. It makes selling your product much easier and more effective. Sending a video with your sales people is like sending along a strong and enthusiastic partner that will support and motivate them. Video brochures reduce call reluctance, strengthen sales’ closes and create more sales!
  • A video brochure presentation frees your sales people to concentrate fully on the most important part of their job – the close. Every Sales Manager knows how his sales people get worn down with the tedious and redundant task of explaining and demonstrating their product or service repeatedly.

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The Process

A Creative mind is our biggest success. The more creative and exciting the product looks, the chances of your customer falling in love with your product/service grows in a huge way.

We like to keep things very simple for our clients. We have created some amazing graphical, easy to follow templates for all our products.

If you have a custom project that we have never done before, no problem! We will create the template for you and get things into production for you quickly.


    Get creative with our products – this is what drives curiosity of your customers and what makes you stand out from your competitors.


    On-Demand is what we do and have done for decades. If lighting-fast production is what you need, no problem we have it covered.


    We have lived in the” I need it yesterday” print world for over 2 decades. We make the magic happen for you.  You need Video Brochures quickly, we have your back. Lightning delivery from our China factory directly to your door is what we do on a weekly basis. Give us a try!

  • PDF Proof

    We send  PDF proofs on all products that we create for our customers. We don’t take changes with your brand or your customers brand.

What others say about us

“We have a magazine we needed to print and we were very behind schedule. Scott and his team printed 36,000 copies – 96 pages + cover, and had them in the mail within 12 Business days. They saved the day and we continue to go back to them for all our printing needs”.

Brent W, Down Town Agency

“For over 5 years Scott and his team has taken care of all our variable printing and direct mail needs. With tight deadlines and looking for the top quality and accuracy, we have never been disappointed. With small and large quantities from 20,000 – 600,000 variable letters, tipped in matching gift card and matching inkjet envelopes, we have never missed a deadline in 5 years.”

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