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Video Brochures

Creating that Wow factor with every product!

Creating memorable video brochures that make the difference
with every brand. The supper bright and thin LCD screens that we fuse into
any kind of printed products guarantee a huge ROI.

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Video Brochures of All Sizes.

Different Size Screens Available.

Multi-Sensory Video Books

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Longer Battery Life With All Our Products.


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Video Marketing Turbo Charged

We work with you to transform your traditional promotional printed materials into power packed multi-sensory video marketing products. We will help you create any of our amazing products, such as Video Business Cards, Video Brochures, Video Folders, Video Boxes and Packaging, Point of Sale units… almost anything. Our solutions are customizable and suitable for all budgets.  Take a look at our Video Brochures Ideas page for more ideas.

We are the leaders when it comes to designing and manufacturing the most creative and innovative direct video marketing products. By embedding video in print collateral, we ensure that your audience remains fully engaged and interactive and you get the highest return on investments.

Our expertise in embedding video into print collateral and the craft required to execute every project flawlessly, will help ensure that your message gets through loud and clear. By enabling consistent, highly personalized and meaningful interactions, our targeted video marketing solutions will help you gain maximum ROI, build loyalty and deliver the exceptional experiences needed to secure a customer for life, while driving significant results for your business.


Video has been proven to make users engage longer, and 89% of people surveyed said they prefer watching video over reading text.  Combining print and digital media makes our products an incredibly powerful and cost effective promotional and educational vehicle. This vehicle then drives that awareness, engagement and gets RESULTS.

Crucially, Video Brochure products add authenticity and value to your brand, allowing potential clients to make an informed choice to purchase your product or use your services. Whether it’s part of a highly targeted direct mail-out or a post-meeting leave behind, a Video Brochure will ensure you stand out and deliver your brand in a cutting edge, innovative manner.

Video Business Card for PSG | Video In Cards

Video Business Cards

One of our most popular products is the 2.4″ Video Business Card as it is the cheapest to create and has a great ROI for a pretty cool LCD Video Card. Think of the wow factor if you give one of these cards to a prospect or a customer. They will be showing your card to oodles of people around the office, friends and family. They just have the WOW factor to them.

Video Folders

Incorporating the best of an old school pocket folder and adding a twist with an ultra thin LCD screen is the new way of doing business. With our Video Folders and Video Pocket Folders you can add your typical static brochure into a pocket or into a slit on the inside front cover. We have created a variety of Video Folder options, including multi-sized, hard or soft cover. We can provide a small slit for you to add a personalized letter or a business card into the front for proposals or product offerings.

Video Mailer Folder has a pocket or magnetic flap for the insertion of paperwork such as forms, lists, contracts, welcome vouchers, etc.

Video Folders for Castrol - Video in Print
Video Brochures for Canadian Tire | Video Marketing

Video Brochures

Video Brochure is the most popular worldwide when it comes to fusing Video into print products. We have created over 100 different types of Video Brochures with many different screen sizes. We can insert a 2.4″, 3″, 4.3″, 5″, 7″, 9″ or 10.1″ ultra thin LCD screen into any kind of customized printed product.

Video brochures can be many different sizes and shapes. With our over 22 years of experience in print production we can help you create the most memorable Video brochureVideo Books, Video Mailer, Video Business Card you can think of. We have been fusing Video Screens into printed products for over 8 years for customers all over the world.

Video Books

Our top of the line Video Books are the kind of products you would leave out on a coffee table or a desk. They are typically a higher end product. Combining a hard-cover  with our top of the line Foil, Spot UV or Emboss printing techniques creates an amazing keepsake or center piece.

Video Book for Fortress Development | Video in Print
Video Packaging for Morphe | Video Boxes

Video Packaging

In North America one of our fastest growing products are Video Boxes & Video Packaging. Manduck Media Video Presentation Boxes can fuse various multi-sensory experiences such as Light Sensor, Motion Sensor or Power On functions.

This is a great way to give your customers a way for their products to dazzle their end audience in a very personalized and memorable way. Is it a high end gift box with an integrated video message, or a personalized video message with a supporting gift? Integrating our video marketing blockbusters, video boxes & packaging is simplified with the help of Manduck Media in any promotional campaign.

Paper Thin Video Brochures

Ultra thin Paper Thin Video Brochures are the thickness of 4 business cards put together. Yes, this includes the thickness of the LCD screen. The possibilities with this product are endless, from including them into the middle of a magazine, the front of a proposal, or standalone video brochure to wow your clients.


Video Brochure for Trend Micro | Video Marketing
Video Display Stand for Grupo Sayer | Video Marketing Products

Video In Store Display

Creating In-Store Video Displays are a simple way to create that number one sales pitch on a shelf with your product. They can be called many things such as POS Video Displays, video shelf talkers or just Video Displays. We can insert different size screens into pretty much any kind of printed product for every industry. We can add a longer power cord to plug directly into the wall and supply wall chargers with all our POS Video display units as well.

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