Promotional Products

With over 15 years of customer branding experience, at Manduck Media we make putting your logo on swag items look easy.  We source and brand many different types of promotional products such as Hats, T-shirts, Jackets, Cups, Pens, USB Keys, Bags, Speakers with your logo on them and so much more.

Promotional products go by many names. Incentives, swag, trinkets & trash, knick-knacks.

These promotional products often represent the most direct and “tangible” means of impacting employees, clients and consumers. Customer loyalty, event giveaways, product launch support, brand awareness and corporate gifts are just a few of the many ways that promotional products can help your business grow and stay in touch in a memorable way!

Manduck Media offers a professional and reliable service for the procurement of all your business gifts, promotional products, and incentive programs. From artwork generation through to sourcing, production and distribution, we will guide and partner with you. Promotional items and business gifts are the most cost effective way of promoting your company. We have thousands of corporate gifts and marketing merchandise ideas available. From corporate branding to product launches, Christmas gifts to conferences and trade shows – we aim to provide the best products and designs while maximizing and meeting your budget and time lines.

If you know the product you want, quantity and price point, send it to us and we will ease the pain of the search and send you some suggestions. If you don’t know what you want to offer, send us an email with some background on the scope of the project, quantity, budget and what you have done before and we will make some new fresh suggestions.

Let’s go over some interesting stats about promotional products that will help open your eyes to how awesome they are at generating new leads and sales for your company.

1. More than half of consumers will keep a branded product for more 1 year.  58% is the magic number and if you have a good product that relates to your target market they will use it even more.

2. 89% of consumers can remember the name of an advertiser on a promotional product in the past 24 months. That is an extraordinary number! Imagine if almost everyone that saw you at an event remembered your name and your company’s message.  How powerful would that be?

3. This brings us to the next point that giving away branded promotional items will increase the effect of other marketing by up to 44%. People will remember who you are and the next time they see your brand in digital media they will be more inclined to inquire.

Looking for some quick on-demand digital & offset printing for the office? Let us know, we are here to help out.

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