Video Brochure Ideas and Uses

Our custom printed video brochures are available in various of LCD screen sizes including 2.4″, 4.3″ ,5″,  7″ and 10.1″.  Video brochures used as a marketing tool is growing quickly around the world as more companies learn about them – and find ways to get them into their typical marketing collateral.

You company logo combined with custom print and video will surely capture the attention of all your customers, vendors and employees without fail. Its like having a personalized printed mobile device and your #1 sales person giving his elevator pitch every time.

Video brochures are one the most fastest growing “Video Marketing” tools in the market place today. . They are have a very high memory retention value and plain old ” JUST WOW” factor and is making them preferable over print-only brochures more and more.

Here is a quick list of some of the top uses of our products.

  • B2B & B2C sales
  • new products & services
  • direct mail marketing
  • trade show hand-outs
  • product demonstrations
  • luxury brochures/catalogs
  • special events
  • new project proposals
  • new product & service training
  • special needs education
  • medical procedures
  • motivation pieces
  • company seminars
  • food & drug information
  • corporate reviews
  • employee training
  • technical procedures
  • waiting room video demos
  • entertainment and artist keep sake video books
  • video trailers
  • short films
  • film documentaries
  • press kits
  • corporate recruiting
  • University/College recruiting

Are Video Brochures the future?

For many companies in many different industries, new product and service launches require multi-page printed brochures and pamphlets with lots of illustrations and lengthy text that require a lot of time to absorb and understand. As we know that print is changing as your typical printed brochures simply do not have the retention value nor the visual impact that video brochures does. Unlike typical printed brochures, Manduck Media’s Video Brochures instantly present your video message to your target audience the instant they’re opened in a new, unique, memorable and exciting way.

Video speeds up the buying decisions substantially over just plain text and images and this why so many companies like Face Book, YouTube and Vimeo and many others are thriving in today’s world. With everyone turning to the internet to see the latest video link someone has sent them and only watching the first 10 seconds and close and forget about it.

With our Video brochures in the hands of your prospect or customer this eliminate this problem.  Our video in print products do not require any kind of  WiFi, or Internet to showcase your presentation. This product stays in the hands or on the desk for months as it has that “Just Wow” factor to it.

Reusable… Rechargeable… Unforgettable…

Reusable – One of the coolest features with our Video Brochure products is that you can update your content at anytime with the supplied micro-USB cable. Simply plug in the video brochure product into your PC/MAC and a simple drag and drop process and you have updated your video content.

Rechargeable – All our products come with a micro USB port and a USB cable, simply plug the cable into the product and into the wall or computer and it will automatically start to charge your device. Within 2-4 hours depending on the battery you have in your product it will be fully charged.

Unforgettable – Being unforgettable is one of those amazing things people always say when they first see a video brochure in their hands. They remember everything about the product, the branding, the creative and the video as this is still a new product in the market place. Stay current and get people excited about your brand is always the task at hand. Don’t get left behind as your competitors are always chasing you, make a statement with your marketing materials with your custom printed video in print products.

Memory Size

Most Video Brochure or Video in Print products come with standard memory (128 Mb, 256 Mb, 500 Mb – depending on size of the screen). For an small extra fee, the built in memory can be increased to up to 8 Gb. While most video content does not fill up the memory that most customer require, some clients decide to upload other documents and distribute the Video Brochures as a USB flash drive (the files can be downloaded from the Video in Print producs via provided USB cable and your PC Computer).

Most of the products would come with 256mb flash to start as this is the most popular. This would get you approx 20 mins of video on a 2.4″, 3″, 4.3″ and 5″ LCD Video Product. This would give you approx 9 mins of video on a 7″ LCD Video Brochure.

Video Brochure Flash Memory

Custom Button Functionality

With 95% of our products we have the option to add or remove buttons. All our buttons have functions that we can totally customize to do what ever you want.  The most popular are 5 buttons and have the following button configuration.

  1. Prev/Rew (previous video, rewinds the video if held)
  2. Next/FF (next video, fast forward if held)
  3. Play/Pause
  4. Volume Down
  5. Volume Up

Video business cards are able to have 2 buttons if you like, most people have volume up and down or have a single button which is a (play/pause) button. Below are some commonly used buttons that we see for most of our products. You can use up to 10 buttons on some products.

Video Brochure Button Ideas

Video Brochure Button Ideas